Georgia Hands Free Law

What You Need to Know About Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

The Benefit Company would like to offer this reminder of the Georgia Hands-Free Law that will take effect on July 1st  . . .

On July 1, 2018 Georgia’s Hands-Free Law takes effect. It is important for us and for our family members to understand the new law, as well as for companies to understand the possible impact on employees required to use their electronic devices for business, while driving.

In a nutshell, the new law prohibits vehicle drivers from holding or supporting, with any part of the body, a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device, such as an iPod, cell phone, etc.

  • Writing, sending or reading a text message, instant message, email or internet data while holding your device is prohibited.


  • Watching or recording a video or movie, other than watching data related to your navigation system, is prohibited.


  • All drivers under age 18 are prohibited from all cell phone use while driving, including making phone calls – whether with a hand-held or a hands-free device.


Important Note: Even when stopped at a stop sign or at a traffic light the activities listed above are prohibited with the new law. You must be ‘lawfully parked’ off or beside the road in an area open to parking in order to hold or support your electronic device and stay within the law.

However, you may speak on the phone or text using a hands-free device while driving, including using Bluetooth technology, an earpiece, or a headset.

Limited exceptions to the law include reporting a traffic accident, a medical emergency, a fire, a crime or a hazardous road condition.

Employers should assure that employees required to use a cell phone or other electronic device while driving understand the new law, and have the proper hands-free equipment in their personal or company-provided vehicle to operate within it. In addition, any employee not specifically required to use electronic devices while on the road and driving, but who may have occasion to check business email or texts during that time, should be made aware of this new law.  Georgia employers should also consider adding a policy to their Employee Handbook prohibiting the use of electronic devices while driving, unless they are using a hands-free device.

Additional information may be obtained from www.headsupgeorgia.com/handsfree-law/

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