What is my purpose?

What is My Purpose?

Over the past 18 – 24 months, there have been several questions asked almost routinely  . . .


  • Can you hear me now or am I still on mute?
  • Do you have toilet tissue in stock?
  • What is Zoom?
  • What is my Purpose?


Purpose –

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists


What is My Purpose?  This seems like a pretty straightforward question for some . . . first responders, healthcare providers, military, clergy and perhaps other careers.  Others of us may not have a primary purpose that is quite as easily identified.


After giving it a lot of thought I realized I was trying to equate a purpose to a goal or a specific achievement.  I then witnessed my family and friends serving purposes perhaps without even knowing it.


Providing a listening ear or shoulder to lean on for a struggling friend or family member.


Helping an elderly family member with her medicine or simply listening as they go down memory lane, once again.


Holding the hand of a loved one to give support.


Helping a child with their homework or laughing at their joke that doesn’t make sense, but your laughter (your purpose) gives them joy!


Paying for the dinner of a family you don’t even know and will never see again.


Giving up your seat on the bus for a pregnant mom.


Providing a loving and safe home for a rescued or adopted pet (if you know me, you know I would include that purpose!).


In my mind, I feel like we are all more aligned with our purpose(s) than we might realize. When we act out of love and compassion a purpose is achieved. In my heart, I believe there is a purpose we can all easily reach . . . be kind to one another . . . as simple as sharing a smile or a hello with a stranger!


Faye McCorkle

Faye McCorkle

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