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  • January: The Greatest Month

    January: The Greatest Month

    January is the greatest month of the year! That may be an uncommon opinion, but I’m ready to make my case on why January deserves the crown. It may

  • Transitions in Benefits


    In life, transitions can be difficult.  There can be fear and anxiety surrounding what might be next.  Yet transitions are necessary for professional and personal process. Six months ago,

  • Healthcare and Benefits - A Modern-day Tower of Babel Story

    Healthcare and Benefits – A Modern-day Tower of Babel Story

    Balance billing, COBRA, co-insurance, donut hole, EAP, urgent care, formulary… is your head spinning yet?  I’m just getting started.   In about the year 2242BC, according to The Bible

  • Student Loan Repayment Benefits

    It Depends… Selecting a Student Loan Benefit Vendor

    A growing number of companies are offering student loan repayment assistance programs as an employee benefit. In fact, the number of employers offering student loan-related benefits doubled to 8%

  • Happy 100th Birthday Johnnie Mae Hall Brown

    This is the first of more to come…..   The following serves to honor my mother, Johnnie Mae Hall Brown, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her

  • Valor Service Dog Ranger

    The Perfect Gift . . . It Has Arrived!

    As a follow up to my blog of August 6, 2019, “The Perfect Gift . . . Is It Possible?”, Ranger Valor, the military service dog was born on

  • 7 Tips to Free Your Mind From Polarization in Society

    7 Tips to Free Your Mind From Polarization in Society

    I attended a funeral this past weekend. Two of the eulogists referenced the same Jackie Robinson quote, a favorite of the deceased: “A life is not important except in

  • Paul Nichols

    Paul Nichols Joins TBC Team as Advisor

    The Benefit Company (TBC) is pleased to welcome Paul Nichols to our team. Following graduation from Davidson College, Paul spent 16 years working in college athletics.  During this time,

  • valor service dogs

    The Perfect Gift . . . Is it Possible?

    We all strive to find the perfect gift for our friends and family.   The older we get, however, the more difficult it becomes to find the perfect gift for

  • time management strategies

    Where Did My Day Go?

    A handful of tips for enhanced productivity. Thursday, January 24, 2019, 7:30 AM:  I walk into my office and stare at hundreds of e-mails, three meetings on the calendar,

  • Now Hiring: Certified Nurse Case Manager

    July 9, 2019 Position Overview: The Care Manager will support the Population Health Management efforts of select clients of The Benefit Company.  Such will include acting as patient/family advocate

  • Christine Muro

    Christine Muro Joins The Benefit Company as an Account Manager

    The Benefit Company (TBC), a leading Atlanta executive and employee benefit consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Christine Muro to our team. Christine received her Bachelor of Business Administration