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Save Money on EpiPen with Generic Alternatives That Deliver the Same Medicine.

Adrenaclick, also referred to as an “epinephrine auto-injector” is a good alternative.

Employees and family members who use “EpiPens” (allergic reaction, auto-injector syringe filled with an inexpensive drug called epinephrine) may have seen in the news recently that the cost for this device/prescription has increased dramatically – even catching the eyes of congress and regulators.

In the meantime, cost saving alternatives exist to the Epi-Pen, and we encourage you to proactively ask your doctor/caregiver to explore Adrenaclick.  If your physician deems Adrenaclick to be a good alternative for your situation, please ask them to write you a new prescription for an “epinephrine auto-injector.”

Thank you for your efforts to be great consumers in healthcare.  Together, through price transparency and engaged employees, we can help keep healthcare costs lower, saving you, your families and your healthplan money.

“Healthcare claims drive healthcare costs, and some healthcare claims involve excessive charges.”

Alternatives to EpiPen

EpiPen alternatives information sheet. PDF Format. Free Download.

Ways to Save on Epinephrine Auto-Injectors:

  • Ask your doctor to write a prescription for an “epinephrine auto-injector” or “generic Adrenaclick.” Most automatically prescribe the name brand EpiPen without asking you. (http://adrenaclick.com).
  • Most pharmacies will not supply a generic alternative if the prescription is written for name brand EpiPen.
  • Call the pharmacy before you go to see if the generic alternative is in stock. If not, it can usually be received within a few days.
  • If the generic Adrenaclick price is higher than you expected, ask about discounts.
  • Try Using OneRx (onerx.com/partnerships/tbc) Compare prices at local pharmacies. Automatically apply coupons and discounts. Automatically apply prescription benefits in your insurance plan.
  • Most pharmacies will redeem OneRx coupons.  Ask your pharmacy about honoring coupons before having the prescription filled.
  • Adrenaclick offers a discount co-pay coupon: (https://sservices.trialcard.com/Coupon/Epinephrine)
  • Pharmacists in more than a dozen states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Vermont, and Washington can fill an EpiPen prescription with generic Adrenaclick—without the customer returning to their physician for a new prescription.

Comparing EpiPen, and Adrenaclick

EpiPen and generic Adrenaclick are not the same device or delivery system, they both contain the drug epinephrine in the same dosage.

All epinephrine auto-injectors use the same medicine, called epinephrine. It is important to note that some devices may have unique features. It is essential that you become familiar with the features on your device so you are prepared in an emergency.

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This information has been provided as a service and is not intended to be professional medical advice.  Always call 911 in a medical emergency and seek the advice of your doctor before taking any medications.
Source: Consumer Reports


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