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HR News You Can Use – September 2016 Edition

HR NEWS YOU CAN USE – Issue 8 – September 2016

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Legal Updates & Reminders

  • September 30: Deadline for filing your annual EEO-1 Report. Applies to private employers with 100 or more employees, and federal contractors or first-tier contractors with 50 or more employees and a contract/subcontract of $50,000 or more.


5 Practical Recruiting Tips

……….for any size employer to consider


Quizzler Discussion

………more about that short-tempered armed Security Guard


Attractive Employers

……….what individuals are looking for in making a company change



Tips from Recruiters Who Know How To Do It!

Whether you’re a large or a small company, a private or a public employer, finding qualified new talent can be a challenge these days. In many career fields, applicants have lots of choices in where to work. If you haven’t been as successful as you’d like in recruiting, perhaps implementing some of the tips below can get you back on the right track:

  1. Brand your company as a great place to work

Of course, having an attractive career website is required. But beyond that, it must be a platform to showcase what makes your company ‘special’ to prospective candidates, and that brand message needs to carry through all your marketing materials, across social media and in the stories you share in person. Show what it’s like to work for your company, by posting written and video testimonials from your current employees explaining why they enjoy your company and love their jobs.

  1. Use Employee Referrals

According to a 2016 SHRM benchmarking survey, 80% of companies with fewer than 100 employees say employee referrals are their #1 source of new hires, and the same is true for 96% of companies with over 10,000 employees! Interestingly though, most employers who have an employee referral program pay out very low incentives for a hire, yet they may be willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to a search firm to fill that same position. Hmmmmm….the bottom line is whether you want your program to be a ‘thank you’, or be an ‘incentive’ to your employees to really tap into their networks to find good people for you.  Caution: relying too heavily on this source for new hires may hinder your company’s diversity efforts, as our friends and relatives may look very much like us…if you’re a government contractor, be sure you use multiple recruiting methods!

  1. Consider part-time employees

If you’re having trouble finding qualified full-time employees for a position, but those who are willing to work part-time are more plentiful, consider hiring more part-timers. You may save money in the long run by doing this, and the flexibility you show can be another positive attribute you can market.

  1. Simplify your job application

According to CareerBuilder, 60% of all job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online applications because they are too long or too complex.

  1. Mobile is the thing

Research shows that more than half of all job candidates are job hunting exclusively via their mobile devices. Without an advanced mobile recruiting platform you may never hear from these candidates.


Quizzler Update!

Last month, we posed the following question for your consideration:


Your armed security guard has been moody, distracted and short-tempered with your employees lately. Is it OK to take his gun away from him?

  1. No, this would change the conditions of his employment, and you can’t do that.
  2. Yes, as a first step. You have a responsibility to always try to lessen possible safety risks.
  3. No, unless you have an EAP and can send him to counseling.


We believe the best answer is (B). As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide as safe a work environment as you can for your employees. In the scenario, this demeanor is unusual for the employee, so it would appear that something is bothering him. This is an appropriate time to have a frank and confidential conversation with him, to let him know your concern and to consider making a mandatory referral to your EAP to help him get back on track. If carrying a gun is a requirement of the job, he may need to take a leave of absence until he can be evaluated by a qualified medical professional who deems he is able to safely return to his job duties. There was a recent court case in California yielding a $7M settlement for a plaintiff who sued his employer for, among other allegations, failure to provide a workplace free from violence and bodily harm after a coworker with a known history of overly aggressive behavior in the workplace grabbed the plaintiff’s neck and choked him. Workplace violence prevention is an important area of training for your supervisors, and one many employers don’t provide.


An Attractive Employer

Surveys indicate that individuals looking at making a company change are looking for …..

  1. Cultural fit: are the company’s values aligned with theirs?
  2. Reputation: does the company have a reputation for treating its employees well?
  3. Advancement: do they ‘grow’ their employees and promote from within?
  4. Leadership: do their employees respect management and trust their company leaders?
  5. Location: is the company located within a reasonable commuting time and distance, and are employees able to work remotely sometimes?


The goal of this monthly e-newsletter is to briefly bring you current news in the HR world that could impact your company and how you interact with your employees, and also to share some tips and lessons learned for keeping your company compliant with the myriad of federal and state employment-related rules and regulations. This newsletter is not intended to provide legal guidance to you. 











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