Happy 101st Birthday Johnnie Mae Hall Brown

In honor of the 101st anniversary of Johnnie Mae Brown’s birth, which is today, November 18th.  She was a highly revered, student-centric high school teacher of the English language, particularly the use of proper grammar.  Even as a young child, I became a student.

Given my inherited bent for the proper use of English grammar, some of my mother’s teaching are remembered here:

Veterans Day:

Not Veteran’s or Veterans’ Day.

The holiday is not a day that “belongs” to one or multiple veterans, which an apostrophe implies.


Affect or effect:

Affect is usually used as a verb.  Effect as a noun.

Affect – to act upon, alter, express an action

Effect – the outcome, the end result


Alumnus, alumna, alumnae, alumni,:

Alumnus – used of a man in the singular

Alumna – used of a woman in the singular

Alumnae – used of women in the plural

Alumni – used of men in the plural; and male and female in the plural


That or which:

That introduces an essential phrase, not offset by commas.

Which introduces a non-essential phrase that is set off by commas.


Accept or except:

Accept is a verb meaning to take or receive.

Except is a preposition meaning to exclude or leave out.


Ensure, insure, and assure:

No one can ensure the contract is binding.

We insure our valuable assets.

I can assure you of her sincerity.


Counsel, council:

Counsel refers to advice or guidance.

A council refers to an assembly for discussion.


Compliment or complement:

A Compliment is a statement of praise.

To complement means to go well with, complete, or perfect


Allusion or illusion:

An allusion is an indirect reference.

An illusion is a fantasy, a dream, or a misconception.


Principle or principal:

A principle is a rule or standard.

A principal is a person serving in an important role.


Elicit or illicit:

Elicit brings out or evokes.

Illicit is illegal.


Emigrant or immigrant:

An emigrant is one who leaves his native country to settle in another.

An immigrant is one who enters and settles in a new country.


Lie or lay:

Lie means to recline on a surface; its principal parts are lie, lay and lain.   

Lay means to place or put; its principal parts are lay and laid.


Desert or dessert:

Desert means to abandon or dry area.

Dessert is sweet food.


Discreet or discrete:

Discreet is hush-hush, private.

Discrete is separate, divided or distinct.


Site or cite:

Site is a location or place.

Cite is to quote or reference something else.


Stationary or stationery:

Stationary is immovable.

Stationery is paper used for writing.


Fewer or less:

If you can count it, use fewer if “you have fewer than ten items,” not “less than ten items.”


Quotation marks:

Commas and periods are placed inside quotation marks.  Question marks are as well when ending a sentence.

“Why me?”



Not a word, but a portmanteau of regardless and irrespective. Regardless of how you feel, such is objectively the wrong decision. Everyone gets a vote, irrespective, regardless of their position.




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