Anti-Sex Trafficking Video

Free Anti-Trafficking Training Video for Employers

A free 20-minute video is now available for employers to provide employee training on stopping and preventing human trafficking. BEST (Businesses Ending Slavery &Trafficking) in Seattle produced the video, which informs employers of the threats against a company posed by human trafficking. It also provides employees with tools to help them take action if they suspect someone is being trafficked.

Locally, Atlanta’s hosting of Super Bowl LIII has brought awareness to the issue of sex-trafficking in our communities, and how major sporting events escalate the exploitation of children and the most vulnerable in our neighborhoods. Perhaps you have seen the anti-trafficking segments on TV news segments or on social media featuring pro athletes urging us to take action if we suspect someone is being exploited. Athletes such as D.J. Shockley, Harry Douglas, Matt Ryan, Joe Jackson, Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, and Alge Crumpler are helping bring awareness to those who might otherwise fail to recognize the seriousness of the abuse happening around us.

Sadly, it’s not just an issue that arises with sporting events. It’s an abdominal practice taking place every day.

While trafficking leaves victims with lifelong physical and psychological harm, it is also a horrific scar on our communities. Furthermore, employers need to pay special attention to how trafficking can sabotage their business.  There are liability issues if trafficking takes place on business property or if company technology is used to purchase sex with a trafficking victim. Productivity can also be affected, as typical office hours are the most popular time for online buying of sex with victims. Furthermore, as the BEST training video explains, there is tremendous exposure for the corporate brand to be left in disgrace if anyone associated with the company is found to be involved in trafficking. This brief training is a must-do for employers.

The free training video addresses:

  • What is trafficking
  • How to spot signs of trafficking and respond
  • The financial risks for employers
  • The business risks for employers
  • The role of front-line managers
  • HR and business best practices

Please view the video now. Share it with your leadership and management team. Make it available to your employees through group viewings, or by emailing the link to the video. You may be surprised at the difference a little training makes.

You can view the video here: BEST Basics: Human Trafficking Prevention Training

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