Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a vital part of your total employment package. To remain competitive, your firm must provide an appropriate array of employee benefits, while keeping plans affordable and manageable. With rapidly rising costs and increasing legislation, this challenge is greater than ever.

As a partner within United Benefit Advisors, TBC has national expertise with a local presence.  Our UBA annual benchmarking of employee benefits packages is the nation’s largest benchmarking survey.  We can quickly benchmark your benefit plan(s) based on industry, geographic location, and/or size similar to your company and plans.  This provides you with a much more significant and meaningful comparison.  Let us show you how your employee benefits offerings stack up with others.

Management’s goal is to provide the most cost effective, yet attractive plan of employee benefits available.  We help you achieve this through health management, determining the appropriate funding platforms for your organization, pharmacy benefit manager options, and predictive modeling with advanced analytics.  After careful analysis of “where you are”, TBC, along with your guidance and input, develops a focus plan including near term, short term and future steps to be taken for the management of your healthcare plans.

The Benefit Company works with you to develop a customized employee benefits plan of quality benefits on a cost effective basis. Our affiliation with UBA provides us technological and proprietary products making TBC unique in the marketplace. TBC formulates strategic plans and assists with specific areas including:

  • Consultative & Strategic Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Pricing Evaluation & Cost Forecasting
  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • Communication & Administration
  • Compliance Notices & Solutions
  • Technology
  • Leading Benchmark Strategies
  • Employee Advocacy
  • The Power of Healthy Living™
  • Health Claims Auditing Solutions
  • Web-Based Employee Enrollment Systems
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Rx Carve Outs
  • Proprietary Procurement Tools
  • Clinical Resources
  • Absence Management Implementation
Employee Benefits Consulting

“The Benefit Company’s creativity and insight regarding cost containment strategies helped us continue offering our rich benefits programs despite the financial pressures in the healthcare marketplace.  With their guidance, we actually lowered our costs per employee while maintaining and expanding these strong offerings. The Benefit Company is a true partner, always going above and beyond to help us and our employees.”