Business Partners

The Benefit Company has chosen best in class firms to work with to better serve you on all fronts.  We work closely with the below listed business partners to assure you and your employees receive the highest quality of service.

Benefits Planning Consulting Partners

Customized Wellness Programs

Corporate Health Partners

A true “wellness” program involves more than just completing a health assessment online.  Corporate Health Partners (CHP) provides employers with a wellness program with proven results . . . healthier and happier employees as well as helping you control the cost of your health benefits.  A robust wellness program with personal health coaching will yield greater results for you and your employees.

Population Health Management

Vital Incite

Historically, companies have struggled with the best way to package and deliver benefits to attract talent and retain staff. Today, companies understand that they need to leverage a variety of solutions to provide meaningful healthcare coverage, promote wellbeing and mitigate cost.

Vital Incite delivers data-driven strategies designed to identify and improve medical spend waste, allowing employers to reinvest in the correct resources that will improve employee health.

Our population health solutions deliver the vital insight employers need to incite change in the health and habits of their employee populations.