Attitude of Gratitude with Paul Nichols

Attitude of Gratitude with Paul Nichols

Video Transcript:

It has been a little bit since I released a video and wanted to touch base with what has been on my heart. Sometimes, we get caught up in PBM carveouts, spousal surcharges, and Rx rebates but…

I wanted to share a thank you and demonstrate an attitude of gratitude to school teachers, administrators, and nurses responsible for working with young people. This gratitude is both professional and personal.

My three boys have experienced a fantastic yet unique school year. Personally, I am the spouse of a teacher, the son of a teacher, and the brother of a teacher and have witnessed adversity from different angles. Professionally, we, at TBC, work directly with schools all over the state of Georgia. There is no hesitation when I say, “from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!” There has never been a school year when more people have been asked to adjust, adapt, and overcome no matter the circumstance. I am grateful for this.

We recognize these difficulties are not without consequence. We recognize the need for mental wellness awareness and help. To this end, we will roll out a new program geared directly towards schools to support teachers, students, and parents in the coming months.

As we near the end of the school year for most, my hope is that everyone associated with schools will find time this summer to relax, reminisce, and decompress.

Finally, from my heart to yours, I am grateful. Grateful for the people, the flexibility, and the adaptability to overcome and prosper. All the best for a restful summer.


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