I-85 Commute Alternatives

I-85 Commute Options for Employers

The closure of I-85 for an indefinite period of time presents many employers with a significant business issue.

The Benefit Company is pleased to offer your organization resources to help you navigate the anticipated traffic delays and congestion.  These resources could help mitigate the impact of the I-85 Bridge Collapse on your organization and employees.

Federal tax law under IRS Code Section 132(f) allows employers to sponsor programs under which employees can set aside money on a pretax basis to pay for commuter expenses. Additional, and other pertinent and related, information is below.

Resources for Atlanta Employers in Dealing with I-85 Bridge Collapse:

The Federal Tax Code Allows Employers to Offer Employees Incentives for Using Alternative Commute Options:

  • IRS Publication: Fringe Benefit Guide.
  • The Commuter Choice tax benefits program, based on Section 132(f) of the federal tax code, allows employers to offer employees a variety of financial incentives for using alternative commute modes. Section 132(f) covers transit, vanpool and bicycle benefits as well as qualified parking. More information here.

Georgia Offers Income Tax Credit for Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits.

More information here.

MARTA Offers The Partnership Perk Program.

This program provides discounts of up to 20%. Advantages of joining the MARTA Partnership Perk Program include:

  • Employers save 7.65% on employee’s contribution to FICA & MEDICARE
  • Employers do not pay federal or payroll taxes on the value of the commuter benefit
  • The program is free to join.

More information here.

One-On-One Consultation Available to Employers.

Georgia Commute Options offers one-on-one consultation for employers. More information here.

Employees Can Get Paid to Commute.

Georgia Commute Options provides nice incentives, ($5 per day) to employees to try alternative commute options.

More information here.

Excellent Resources for Members of SHRM:

A Timely Reminder of the Benefits of Telemedicine.

This season of interrupted travel around Atlanta is an opportune time to remind your employees of the benefits of using your telemedicine benefit. Employees can contact physicians from their home, their work or while away for Spring Break–all without ever having to get in a car. Contact your TBC consultant today for the latest tools on communicating your telemedicine benefit. Or, if you do not currently offer telemedicine, contact us to find out if telemedicine is right for your organization.


NOTE: The information presented here does not constitute official tax guidance or a ruling by the U.S. Government. You are encouraged to consult with your attorney , the Internal Revenue Service or a tax professional for specific guidance related to the Federal tax law and its application to your organization and employees.

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